Help & Instructions

How to Use the Copy Readability Calculator

To test a document

  1. Copy or type your written material into the box provided. For an appropriate Fog Index score, test your written material in 100 word lots.
  2. Click on the 'Calculate Readability' button to start the calculation.
  3. The results are displayed in a table along side the box containing your written material.
  4. Make changes to the written material within the box and recalculate as many times as you need.

To test a new document:

  1. Delete any text or other content in the box.
  2. Copy or type your new written material into the box.
  3. Click on the 'Calculate Readability' button.

To clear the results table

  1. Delete any text or other content in the box.
  2. Click on the browser 'refresh' button.

How to Interpret Results from the Copy Readability Calculator

Fog Index

The Fog Index may be considered to be a measure of writing clarity.

It calculates the approximate number of years of schooling required to read and understanding the written material tested.

Scores between 8 and 12 indicate an educational reading and comprehension level equivalent to High School, whilst a score of 17 indicates a level equivalent to a university graduate.

The lower the Fog Index score your written material receives, the broader your potential audience reach.

Tips for reducing your Fog Index score

  1. Replace complex words, technical terms and rarely used vocabulary with familiar words.
    • Replace - Assiduous
    • With - Diligent or Attentive
  2. Reduce the length of sentences.
    • Replace - My neighbour's have a roaming moggie and last night when I got home I found that animal sitting on the mat outside my front door.
    • With - I got home last night to find my neighbour's cat sitting on my front door mat.
  3. Add variety to the written material by including some extremely short sentences or sentence fragments.
    • Example - When you are finished, stop.
    • Example - It is nonsense.

Flesch Value

The Flesch Value may be considered to be a measure of mental workload.

It calculates a score between 1 and 100, with 100 requiring little mental work - making it easy to read and comprehend - and 1 requiring a lot of mental work.

Scores between 100 and 70 indicate an educational level of Primary School, High School level is between 69 and 50 and University between 49 and 30.

The higher the Flesch Value the easier to read and understanding your written material will be.

Tips for increasing your Flesch Value score

  1. Break up long sentences into multiple shorter ones.
    • Replace - We can specify how parts should be picked and despatched based on the time the parts are required at the plant, by pre-scheduling pickups from the warehouse that fit with truck routes, delivery times and destination.
    • With - We can specify how parts should be picked and despatched based on the time the parts are required at the plant. Using truck routes, delivery times and destination to determine the picking time. The pickups can be pre-scheduled at the warehouse.
  2. Replace words with prefixes and suffixes.
    • Example - Replace Unexceptional with Ordinary
    • Example - Replace Openness with Bare
  3. Remove ambiguity.
    • Replace - Change Position
    • With - Move, Revert, Increase or Accommodate

Flesch-Kincaid Index

The Flesch-Kincaid Index may be considered to be a measure of comprehension.

Based on the North American High School grading system, the resulting score indicates the education level required for comprehension.

A score of 5 would indicate that a person in the 5th grade would comprehend the written material.

The lower the Flesch-Kincaid Index score the easier your written material is to understand.

Tips for decreasing your Flesch-Kincaid Index score

  1. Remove redundant and unnecessary words.
    • Replace - Go back to the beginning and restart from the there.
    • With - Go the beginning to restart.
  2. Choose simple rather than complex words, except where ambiguity results.
    • Example - Replacing Inexorable with the word Certain (Sure, True, Safe or Understood) becomes ambiguous.

About Readability

Whilst the Copy Readability Calculator is able to provide an indication of readability, there are other factors which must also be considered.

The level of interest in the material, motivations & aptitude of the reader, the environment, conditions and any technology used, play a major role in the assessment of readability.

Please use an holistic approach to readability to ensure you have the cohesion necessary to convey your message with clarity in an easy to read and understand format.