Two Book Marketing Tactics from the World of Direct Marketing

Two Book Marketing Tactics from the World of Direct Marketing

When it comes to increasing the visibility of your books some times it's worth taking a look at marketing strategies being used in different industries or channels and asking yourself if any of their strategies would work for you.

A quick look at the world of Direct Marketing and two ideas spring immediately to mind.

As Seen On TV

Late night infomercials, magazines and postal order businesses are very fond of this tactic and chances are good that you've seen it yourself in action plenty of times.

In its simplest form this is really just a red sticker on something that says 'As seen on TV'. Interestingly there's no guarantee that you've seen the whatever it is on TV, but if there's a sticker you will instantly believe that it has been on television at some time or another and as a consequence are more likely to pay attention to the marketing message.

Now this strategy lends itself perfectly to authors and books. How about using the sticker idea to promote where people can purchase your book, or even simply where they can find out more about it?

Would your book benefit from having sticker or something on it that says 'As Seen on Facebook'? How about 'As Seen on Amazon' or even 'As Seen on Barnes & Noble'?

The opportunities to link your book to the clout of these bigger brands is only limited to your imagination, and the beauty is that the bigger their reputation the greater the credibility you and your book will receive.

Now putting a sticker on your book cover may not be something that sits right with you, so tone it down. Get your designer to put a pretend sticker on the photo of your book cover that you display on your website or blog. That way people will be influenced by the concept without you needing to alter the look of your actual book.

If you're a Member we've created some pretend sticker pictures in the 'Web Graphics Badges' area that you can download and use.

The Insert

Another great tactic you can borrow from Direct Marketers is the idea of the 'Insert'.

An Insert is a card, brochure or page that is put together with a product that promotes something else for you to buy.

You may have experienced this the last time you bought a newspaper or magazine when pages or supplements fell out when you picked it up. All those loose bits are the inserts.

You can put your own spin on this idea and insert a postcard or small flyer that promotes the books you've written; into every one of your books. A kind of "Also By" card, letting the buyers of your books know that there are other titles you've written that they may also enjoy.

By placing something between the pages of your own book that promotes your other books you're maximising your opportunity to convert a reader into a fan using one very inexpensive advertising strategy.

The next time you're flipping through a magazine, watching TV, listening to the radio or about to throw that junk mail in the trash, stop a moment and explore the idea... 'Is there something about this that I could borrow and use for marketing me or my books?'.

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