Three Easy Ways To Get Your Book On Kindle

Three Easy Ways To Get Your Book On Kindle

Despite our own personal preferences, the massive consumer uptake of the Kindle ebook reader is the early warning bell, signalling a change in the way many people want to experience book reading.

While you and I may still love the touch, feel and smell of a real book, the modern day convenience of being able to travel around the world with thousands of books in your on-board luggage is a huge lifestyle draw card for readers.

At the center of this ebook reader trend, firmly sits Amazon - the giant gorilla in online book sales and general "mover and shaker" in the publishing industry.

It's Amazon size, reach and influence in the lives of readers that makes it both powerful and undesirable to self-published authors. On the one hand if you want to understand the book buying public and reader trends in general then you have to be across what's going on, on Amazon. However they have protected their turf and as you probably already know if you want to get in front of their audience you have to play by their rules (which means your book sold on Amazon gives them the bigger piece of the transaction pie).

Now as they dominate the ebook arena with their proprietory ebook format for the Kindle, there's even greater lock in. But as always when there's a dominate player in any industry - when they have all the customers, it's worth considering volume and reach and not just how much ends up in your pockets.

Whether you love it or hate it, ebook readers like Kindle and the iPad are here to stay, and so are the corporations behind them that have already seduced huge numbers of people that you want to get your book in front of.

Yet Another Format You Need To Know

So, the next question is are you ready to take advantage of this trend and self-publish your books in the Amazon Kindle format?

The most frightening thing for most writers is the fact that increasingly they are having to dip their toe into the "technology" ocean - Learning how to blog, tweet and get themselves online is as much about marketing and PR as it is about Apps and HTML.

Sadly in the "do-it-yourself" space, turning your book into a file for Kindle doesn't ease the burden unless you are shown a few short cuts...

eBook Template

In some ways it makes no sense that creating a file for Kindle should be harder than for any other purpose, after all it's just another form of Desktop Publishing so in theory taking a Microsoft Word document and formatting it for Kindle should be easy... And you're right.

The first time you attempt anything is such a pain - all that frustration. And then only to look back and realise it was so easy.

Well, just like anything, if you've got the right tools and someone to show you a short cut then you can learn it quicker and get it done faster; even if it is your first attempt.

That's where a well designed template comes in handy. The people at ePubTemplates have created a Microsoft Word document template especially for creating Kindle formatted ebooks.

As you know with a template every thing becomes easier, you can cut down on the late nights and long hours fiddling around in Word and get your ideas down instead.

Using this template you can create Kindle happy files from the very start, giving you the freedom to focus on your craft rather than on the problems of formatting.

The eBook for creating eBooks

Now having this sort of short cut isn't for everyone. Some of us actually enjoy understanding the in's and out's of how things work and then rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty.

If you need to understand how the whole Kindle publishing process works, then Val Waldeck's ebook 'Kindle Publishing Made Easy' is exactly what you need.

This is a "step-by-step" guide especially written for authors who have taken the plunge as self publishers and are looking to increase distribution channels to get their books into more hands.

Containing illustrations (screenshots) to show you what you should be looking at and what the result of doing something needs to look like, this ebook takes you from novice to experienced Kindle publisher in just a few days.

However, if at the end of the day, you'd rather be writing than mucking around with all this formatting nonsense, then a "done-for-you" service is probably the best option.

eBook Conversion Specialists

They say that everyone has at least one book in them. If you're a writer at heart chances are you've got far more than just one and you need all the time you can get for writing and research.

Joshua Tallent and the team at eBook Architects specialise in taking your Word document manuscript or published hard cover book and converting it into the latest eBook formats; including Kindle. With incredibly competitive pricing and a history of doing great work; eBook Architects understand the importance of getting the job done to your exacting standards.

So instead of spending the next month messing around with Word, you could be doing so much more with your time while your ebook is professionally prepared for you.

No matter what you decide to do, with any one of these three conversion options, your next book could be on Kindle before Christmas.

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