The Right Reminder Service for Your Online Business

If you're doing any form of business on the Internet, even if its just a website, then you might be interested in something I came across recently.

In fact, if you even remotely believe it’s a good thing to have customers coming back to you, then this will certainly be of interest to you.

Research by IMT Strategies shows that one of the top 8 best practices for Internet Marketing is to give customers some form of reminder service.

  1. Gain Active Consent
  2. Deepen Personalisation
  3. Recognise Levels of Permission
  4. Implement a Reminder Service
  5. Expand the Use of Advocacy
  6. Adopt cross-brand/cross-vendor programs
  7. Measure Performance and Return on Investment
  8. Improve Frequency Management

Implement a Reminder Service

A reminder service can be used for something as simple as reminding a client of their up coming appointment, a special event you can help them arrange, or for creating a community with special event reminders.

There are some key things a good reminder service should have that we just couldn't find in any of the services we looked at.

What makes a good reminder service?

A good reminder service is reliable. If you're going to delegate something important, you need to be absolutely sure it gets done.

A good reminder service has great security. You’re going to be collecting personal information that people will want to know is fully protected from hackers.

A good reminder service sends reminders at exactly the time they need to be delivered, its precise. You should be able to say something like "Send my customers an email on Monday at 11:00am to remind them about the current specials" and be confident that it’s received at exactly 11:00am.

A good reminder service is flexible and lets you specify a reminder to happen at a certain time or even before or after a certain time. For example, you should be able to say "I need this sent out one month before our annual Christmas holiday break" just as you might want to send an email to your new customers after two weeks to see how they're going and if there's anything else you can do for them.

A good reminder service gives you options as to how the reminder is delivered. You should be able to select from a number of different approaches, such as email, fax, SMS and RSS.

A good reminder service is simple to use. You should be able to set up a reminder as easily as adding an appointment in Outlook.

A really great reminder service is extensible – meaning that it can easily be extended or modified to change or add new features. It should be possible for anyone to create a reminder service feature that works the way they want it.

These are some of the things we suggest you look for when finding or creating a good reminder service.

What about you? Are there things you feel should form a part of a Good Reminder Service? Is there something you wish you could do with Outlook? How else could you use a reminder service?

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