Social Media Checklist

Marketing via Social Media and Social Networks is one of the fastest paced forms of marketing today and it can be easy to miss opportunities when things are happening so quickly.

Getting your online presence in order with a bit of handy automation reduces the burden of manually processing messages and having to watch it all the time.

Here is a checklist of things you can do to make life easier in the fast-paced and racy world of Social Media Marketing.

Automate your Social Media Updates

Help Visitors Share your Blog

Blog Regularly

Gather Subscribers from Facebook

Monitor Conversations on Twitter

Become an Expert on LinkedIn

  • Once a week go to the Answers section of LinkedIn and find a category that best matches your business expertise and answer at least one of the questions that has been asked.
  • Answer the question as expertly as possible, as you are looking to get the answer a star, which means the person asking the question thought your answer was the best.
  • When people DM (direct message) you, reply and make a connection.
  • Pay Attention to your own Social Connections

    • Make sure that you are connected to all the right people within your industry for each of your Social Media accounts.
    • Get a VA (Virtual Assistant) to go through each of your Social Media channels and endorse the manufacturer of products you sell, be a fan of the world renowned expert in your field, join groups that represent your business interests or create a group that represents your interests and values.

    Update your Email Signature

    • Edit your email signature so that it includes links to your Blog, Website and each of your Social Media accounts.
    • Have everyone in your business (employee or virtual) update their email signature file so that they are also sending the links to your Blog, Website and Social Media accounts.

    Cutting back on the amount of effort you personally put into Social Media can be really challenging... From experience, I find that once I send or post a message or two I'm really tempted to hang around and see what's going on.

    By using these suggestions and automating some of the updating and monitoring, you'll be able to afford a little time management lapse once in a while to indulge in a bit of online social networking without a guilty conscience.

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