Revitalise Your Customer Lists for Improved Customer Relations and Increased Sales

There comes a time when a portion of your email list becomes unresponsive - there are no click-throughs, opens or other measurable signs that your messages are being read.

You might even consider just continuing to send these subscribers your messages anyway; no harm done. Right? Well actually, this is a dangerous strategy.

It might be cheap to send your emails, but it's expensive to your business reputation if they're unwanted and you continue to send. You can become a bit like those people who can't take a hint that it's time to leave - or worse, a stalker.

So what's the right thing to do?

The answer... there are two things you can do - Segment or Clean up.

Segmenting your List

By reviewing your measured data from previous email campaigns, online and off-line sales history and any survey results from your customers, you can discover groups of like-minded or like-behaving customers within your email list.

Using these groupings to break-up your email list into segments will help you to:

  • Identify your most and least profitable customers, so that you can focus your marketing efforts where they'll most rewarding.
  • Identify your products or services that are most popular with customers, so that you can make decisions about future business development.
  • Identify new niche opportunitites within your existing customer community, so you don't have to spe large amounts of money in lead generation.
  • Make writing your sales and marketing messages easier by giving you a more specific description of your customers, for increased sales conversion.
  • Make cross-selling and up-selling easier to implement. When you know that one customer within your grouping likes it, chances are the others will too.

So with segmenting, you not only shuffle your email list subscribers around, you also gain insight into your customer and business relationships with them.

When we've worked with clients in the past to segment their customer database and email list, they've uncovered whole new product and services ideas that they've gone on to make new profits from.

Cleaning your List

Cleaning your email list doesn't have to mean dumping large numbers of subscribers from your list.

By sending a renewal or re-opt-in message to unresponsive subscribers you can present them with the option to stay or leave your list. They will either stay, leave or do nothing.

For the ones that choose to stay, you now know that they're still interested. Maybe you can even present them with an opportunity to purchase from you...

For those that choose to leave, you have an opportunity to ask them how you could have done better (perhaps with a survey).

And for the people who do nothing, send another renewal or contact them in some other way. You'll be surprised by how pleased they are that you took the effort went that extra mile and contacted them.

It is unwise to assume they're ignoring your message. There may be filters or other technology problems that stand between you and them that prevent your messages getting through, and in fact your customer really wants to hear from you.

By segmenting and cleaning your email list you revitalise it, making it easier for you to get the results you want from your messages and maintain a pro-active, positive customer relationship with your subscribers.

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