Online Publicity: A Daily Checklist for Authors

If you’re looking to establish your online reputation and build relationships with fans and people who can make or break your career there are a number of things you can do every day that will make a huge difference.

Daily Online Publicity Checklist

There's nothing worse than discovering you've wasted an hour because you got side tracked, so this checklist will help guide you through and make sure you stay focused on doing what really matters.

1. Google Search Yourself

Do a Google Search for yourself (first as a 'Web' search and then as a 'News' search) and look for any new mentions that have been made about you since you last looked.

2. New Bookseller Reviews

Log into your online bookseller account (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) and look for new reviews that may not have been picked up by your Google Search.

3. New Reader & Fan Reviews

Log into your Good Reads or Library Thing account and see if any new reviews have been added for any of your books.

4. Review Your Website Statistics

Login and review the latest statistics for your website or blog -

  • Check out which page or post has been the most popular over the last 24 hours.
  • Find out which high traffic keyword (other than your name) has brought the most visitors to your blog/website.

5. Respond to Blog Comments

Review the latest batch of comments that have been left on your blog and approve and reply to at least 2. If any of the comments are a book review, contact the person who left the comment and ask them to add a book review on your booksellers page (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc).

6. Write a New Blog Post

Update your blog with a new post that is on the same topic as your current most popular post (from your statistics) or one that contains high traffic keywords.

7. Check Your Klout

Log into your Klout account and make sure your social networking is having the desired effect. Look for the things you've done that have spread massively.

8. Facebook Birthday Messages

Sign into your Facebook Account and send birthday messages to your friends who are having a birthday today.

9. Accept Facebook Friend Invitations

Go through the list and accept your new Facebook friend requests.

10. Comment on Facebook Friends

Randomly select 5 people you are connected to on Facebook and put a message on their Wall or comment on their current status.

11. Comment in Groups & on Pages

Leave one new comment in a Facebook Group that you're a member of or on a Facebook Page that you like.

12. Update Your Facebook Status

Update your status with -

  • An observation about a comment someone left on your blog and link to your blog.
  • A comment and link to any new online mentions you found about yourself in your Google Search.
  • A question that get people to volunteer their opinion - on a topic that is relevant to you or your books.
  • A photo you've taken of something you found interesting.
  • A link to a YouTube video you filmed or just think is worth sharing.
  • A link to the page where people can purchase one of your books and ask people to leave a review.

13. Accept LinkedIn Invitations

Log onto your LinkedIn account and accept any new invitations to connect and reply to any messages in your Inbox.

14. Update Your LinkedIn Apps

Update the content for Apps in your LinkedIn profile - Amazon Reading List with a book review, Slideshare Presentation with a new Powerpoint presentation, Events with dates for public appearances, Polls with quizzes or research questions etc..

15. Answer a Linked Forum Question

Answer a question in the LinkedIn Q&A area that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise as an Author, Subject Matter Expert or just provide your opinion on a topic that relates to your topics of interest.

16. Retweet Some Messages

Search on Twitter and find 5 messages to retweet and retweet them.

17. Follow New Tweeters

If you don't have software that does it, follow back 10 people who have started to follow you.

18. Thank Your Tweeters

Check 'Your Tweets, Retweeted' list and send Retweeters a thank you message. Also check your '@Mentions' and reply to the tweeters who mentioned you in their tweets.

19. Send Some Tweets

In addition to any tweets that you have scheduled to be sent out for you by automated software, tweet with links to any new reviews that have been published and any new mentions you've found online.

20. Update Your Bookseller Profile

Log into your Bookseller account and update your Author page with any new upcoming events, such as public appearances and book signings.

In addition to these daily tasks you may also want to send out a Press Release every now and then, check with some one like Source Bottle for any media opportunities or create an interview opportunity for yourself with someone like The Authors Show or Talking Books TV.

The most important thing about doing online publicity is doing it everyday. So grab this list and get started today.

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