Offer Your Subscribers Something in Return

People don’t just like to give out their email addresses online... but if you offer them something in return, such as an informative newsletter, a free ebook, a forum membership or free software, they will be much more willing to give you their email address in exchange.

Offering subscriptions, whether to a newsletter, ezine, ebook, software, or online course, is the number one legitimate method of increasing your email list (and is used by all of the big and successful sites online and Internet Marketers).

In recent studies of why people go online, results showed that most of us go online for one of three major, basic reasons: to communicate, to learn or to buy. Are you meeting one of these needs? You will be, if you offer them high-quality information or interaction through one of the above methods. Don’t just send people who sign up to your list ads (unless they have specifically requested news on current specials); spice it up with information that they can use.

They will remember you, will pass your newsletters around to their friends, and your name and company will get known. It’s one of the best methods of marketing around, and your home-based business will grow if you do this.

List Building on all Eight Cylinders continued...

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Part 4: Don't Use Force & Don't Ask for Too Much Information
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Part 7: How to Provide Choices to Your Subscribers
Part 8: Develop a Relationship with Your Clients

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