Not Sure What Product To Develop? Try Affiliate Marketing

It's possible that like us you may have been noticing a great deal of interest in Product Creation and Information Marketing in the recent past. Seeing a bit more than the normal levels of interest in the topic, thought it worth looking into it to see what all the extra fuss is about.

A quick dive into the popular topics and it wasn't long before discovering that there is a renewed vigor in the Affiliate Marketing space as people look around for creative new ways to ease their current financial stress.

Here's a quick run down on what's getting everyone so excited.

From the Beginning

There are a number of important factors to consider in your online business and product information strategy (or any website for that matter). When you distill them down to their core however, you'll find they all converge on two highly-related factors.

If you don't know your target market or know how to find your target market, you SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your chances of achieving your objectives and goals. Without this important information, how else would someone know if there was actually even an audience for their product? Even more importantly, how will the people you can help know that you exist if you're busy wasting your time on people who don't care?

A popular strategy for both identifying and finding a target market is to start out with Affiliate Programs to zero in on specific market niches.

Here's how it works.

You first sign-up for an account with an Affiliate agency/marketplace such as Clickbank or ClixGalore (you'll discover there are hundreds of others once you start looking).

Then look through their range of products and services you can promote and choose a couple that suit you, your business and your target market. To promote your chosen products and services you are given a link that you insert into your website, so when a visitor to your web page clicks on this link it will take them to a page where they can buy the product or service.

This is a special link because it tracks the visitor when they click on the link from your web page to the buying page and if the visitor then purchases the product or service you are paid a commission directly into your bank account.

Sounds like a great way to make money, doesn't it?

Now here is where it gets interesting. Affiliate Marketing has been around for quite a while now and there are certain strategies that have worked like magic for lots of people, however the search engine companies (Google in particular) have been clamping down on some of the traffic generating strategies people have used in the past, which has made it a little bit challenging now.

So Affiliate Marketing sort of lost it's edge as a cool way to make money online for a while. Which is when people began to turn to creating their own Information Products.

In the begin we had eBooks and they take quite a long time to create, if you do them yourself. Which is why outsourcing became incredibly popular overnight. Especially when you could get someone who was possibly a better writer to do it much quicker than you could.

Since then people have been finding new ways to make desirable Information Products at lower cost and in short amounts of time.

Now it seems we've come full circle.

When you're not sure what product to create, one of the best strategies to adopt is to find a market that shares your interests and find out what they look for, what they desire and you get a big insight into what they need. Then you just go ahead and create it for them.

So here's a strategy that we're achieving some success with that involves setting up an affiliate link with Clickbank.

A Strategy For Affiliate Marketing Success

Suppose we want to try and find a niche in the Internet Marketing and Coaching industry. We can easily set up a hoplink advertisement, using The HopAd Builder.

You just tell it what you want to search for and how you'd like it to look and it gives you the code fragment (special link) that you need to put into your website.

The following advertisements are designed to appeal to people interested in Internet Marketing and Coaching.

It is quite literally a five minute task once you find your way around Clickbank and are able to update your own web pages.

If the word HTML frightens you, then find a web developer and have them create an affiliate strategy for you... and you might want to just skip the next paragraph.

You basically need to be able to get access to the web page you want and edit it. You paste the ad code given to you by Clickbank into a prominent place on your web page within your content. (If you want, you can even customise the styling to better fit in with the design of your own website.)

An alternative way of creating an affiliate link is to search their marketplace for specific products or services. This may be the old fashioned way of doing it but you get total control over the things you promote.

Simply go to Clickbank Marketplace and decide what you want from the vast range of products and services. Type in a few words that describe what you'd like to promote, such as "Internet Marketing For Coaches" in the search box and click submit. You'll get back quite a large list of ads to look through and evaluate.

Here's an example of an advertisement from Clickbank that might be higly appealling to life and business coaches interested in Internet Marketing.

Once you are sending traffic from your website through the affiliate network and they are converting (people are buying the products and services you're advertising on your website, you get paid), you can open the tap a little more by generating more traffic to your website (usually through running search engine marketing campaigns - think Google Adwords). This quickly becomes formulaic and very easy to systemise. (Basically, if you want more conversions, deliver more traffic.)

So here's the smart bit about all of this that's got everyone really jumping. Firstly, you're using someone elses Information Product to create a little bit of money. Then you're also finding out what Information Products appeal to your target market based on how many people are clicking through to the buying pages (hey, if you've got lots of click throughs and people aren't buying at the other end, then it's absolutely worth investigating whether the product or service is a dud and then making a great one of your own!). The best bit - if no one clicks, if you make no money then you've basically got a guarantee that the idea is a stinker and you've saved yourself a lot of money, blood, sweat and tears.

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