Make it Easy to Sign Up

It’s amazing the number of online businesses that have subscription forms tucked away deep within their site hierarchy, or don’t even have interactive subscription forms for signing up.

Don’t just rely on the customer taking the initiative of sending you an email asking to subscribe to your content; have a web designer create an easy-to-use form that they can fill in and subscribe to.

Place your subscription box in a prominent area. Normally, the left top side of a web site is the area that a visitor looks at first. This is a natural area to place a small box that says, “Subscribe to our informative newsletter” or "download our free software" to increase your email list. Alternatively, you could create a pop-under that appears before they leave, asking if they would like to subscribe to your quality content. Don’t let them leave your site without offering them the chance, with an attractive ad, to sign up - and give you their email address.

Take a quick look at 9 Great Places to put Your Sign-up Form for a lot more information on subscriber sign-up forms.

Be sure to have a link on each and every web page of your web site, offering visitors the chance to subscribe. Otherwise, they may go to your site, click around, and by page four, forget that they meant to sign up for your newsletter or ebook. Remind them frequently with a tasteful link, web button or box on each page, and watch your subscriptions rise.

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