How To Get Ranked Without Resorting to Outdated SEO Tactics

2010 is going to see some fierce competition in the Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation space with new ideas being trialled by many businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

There is one newly emerging technology that will help you carve out a very profitable niche and you don't need a PhD to make sense of it.

How would you like a way to eXtend your Search Engine Visibility (xSEV) without resorting to expensive PPC campaigns and avoid getting slapped by Google?

During the last five weeks, we've been investigating some of the new technologies that will be taking off during 2010. One in particular has caught our eye and it's going to change the face of Search Engine Marketing, especially for anyone who sells online. It's a technology based on the Semantic Web and provides search engines with significantly more information in a format that is easy for them to process.

The Biggest Problem with Keyword Loading

When you're putting up a web page, you're writing the information in a way that makes it possible for humans to read and understand. The search engines, being dumb machines, try to make an informed guess about what the content means so that they can provide meaningfully accurate results to people who use the search engine to find things.

The problem is that if you put too much information into your content copy (i.e. keyword load it) you risk providing really helpful content for the search engines that reads like something a backyard operation with poor language skills has created.

ECommerce, Online Marketing and New Tech

During 5 weeks of research, we discovered a technology called GoodRelations which makes use of a World Wide Web Standard called RDFa.

Like HTML, RDFa is inserted into your web page. Where HTML is the code that makes a web page pretty and readable for people, RDFa is not visible to human readers and is used by software and dumb machines (like search engines) to help them understand what the content is. For a Web Developer - RDFa is used to take advantage of what Web 3.0 promises to offer.

Tests we conducted using GoodRelations in a website sales page found that the website went from being at the bottom of Google search results Page 6 to being on the first page in position Number FIVE THREE in 3 4 weeks over the extremely competitive Christmas/New Year period. A 10X improvement on highly-targeted web traffic. (At least!)

The picture below shows how the added information has enabled Google to identify extra information such as pricing which it treats differently to normal website text.

If you're selling anything on the Web and want to be able to get to your target market quickly and effortlessly with the help of search engines, you need to be using GoodRelations while its still fresh and competition is virtually non-existent. There's good, compelling reasons for this:

To boost your search engine ranking even further we've combined GoodRelations with other Semantic Web technologies to create eXtended Search Engine Visibility (xSEV) which gives you the ability to niche your product(s) at will with the assistance of search engines... no more keyword loading or SEO hacks!

With xSEV you can precision niche and re-niche any time you choose without having to change your sales copy, the design or graphics.

The take-home?

Use GoodRelations yourself to home in on your target market and leave your Copy and web page content to do what it was intended for... to Convert.

Or get it done by our experienced team and contact Solutions Answers Results to take a bigger step up with xSEV; which includes GoodRelations and so much more.

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