How to Get a Great Low Cost Website

When it comes to getting a low cost website there are plenty of free and budget options that on first look sound pretty fantastic; and then when you investigate further, are either a front for expensive hidden costs or pollute your website with banner ads you have no control over or get any income from.

The excitement of getting a shiny new website under these circumstances can quickly fade to a dull disappointment.

There can be even more heartache in choosing to outsource your website design to people overseas.

We've all heard at least one story about how someone got a snazzy website built by a talented buy in India for $50. Personally I want to meet this clever person shake their hand, have a look at their sexy website and get the name of that Indian guy, because the real people I meet tell me a very different story.

In fact one client recently revealed that they had lived through 3 attempts at getting their website built by internationally outsourced website designers.

Whilst each time they paid under $500, the accumulated cost meant that by the time they actually got one built that they liked and were proud to have clients see, they'd spent thousands more than needed. And that's without taking into account the stress of long delays due to time zone differences, the frustration of misunderstood instructions, spelling mistakes and cultural differences that led to a very strange selection of photos (pictures that puzzled visitors rather than inspired them).

What a horror story!

The reality is, up until recently when it came to websites you had to compromise the quality of your website to control costs. But that's only one way of solving this problem. Here's another...

In the real world of online business your website really must use a Content Management System (CMS). The good news is that the current batch of popular CMS for websites all make it really easy for people of all computer skill levels to update and change their own websites.

Check out this video to see just how easy it is to blog when you've got a website CMS.

Writing a Blog Post
Video courtesy of WordPress Training

Or watch this video that shows you step-by-step how to make a web page for your website.

Writing a Web Page
Video courtesy of WordPress Training

This is the solution

The tricky bit (well the technical bit) of building a website is getting your website CMS set-up on a Web Server (a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet designed host websites) and getting your domain name set-up for your website (domain name delegation).

Once this is done everything else, including the design and way your website looks, can be done with a few simple clicks.

Here's a video on changing the design of your website is when you have a CMS.

Changing Your Website Design
Video courtesy of WordPress Training

So, here's the low cost website offer that gives you a top quality website for under $1,000

Rather than having a Web Designer or Web Developer build every single page of your website with all the content (including all the pictures and written copy), get them to set up a Web Content Management System (CMS) for you and you choose the design and enter the content yourself.

With this approach you will save thousands of dollars and you'll get your website online many times faster than if you were to wait around for a Web Designer to do it for you.

We can do it for you

The website CMS you see in the videos will be set-up on a Web Server in your very own Web Hosting account. Your registered domain name will be delegated so that your website is "live" on the Internet right away. And so that it looks great from the start - you get to choose from 7 professional designs, until you're ready to change it yourself.

Here's the compromise...

You enter your own images and information to create your web pages and blog (exactly the way it's shown in the videos).

That means you're starting with a beautiful blank canvas that you add your creative artistry too as you have time, at the pace that best suits your deadlines. You get this from us for under $500.

When you're ready for your low cost website, send us you details.

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