Give Subscribers a Gift

Ever since we were small children opening Birthday presents surrounded by family and friends, we have all found free gifts irresistible.

You can offer your site visitors an extra incentive for subscribing to your newsletter or email communications: let them know that they will get a free gift when they sign up.

This free gift could be a free ebook, a special screen saver, or information that they can use. Or, you can give them access to special areas on your website that they couldn’t get to otherwise, when they sign up and register.

If you use this technique, you'll see response rates to your subscription requests go up tremendously.

Don’t know how to write an ebook? This isn’t a problem. There are plenty of sites that offer free content, reports, and ebooks that you can download, and offer to site visitors (example: just try typing in “free content” into Google, and you will be deluged with links from sites begging you to give away their content).

Then, take the time to sort through what looks good and meets your customer’s needs best, and voila! You have a freebie to offer your site visitors.

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