Five Easy Steps to Social Networking Success Fast

When you think of Social Networking, whom do you think of? Facebook? Myspace?
LinkedIn? There are new ones popping up nearly every day and you might even wonder what you need to do to use them in your business.

While Social Networks come in all shapes and colours, there is one thing that is very, very clear. Their existence defines a niche interest group that could possibly be available to you as a potential market. If you happen to be a member of a Social Network already then chances are you already have a potential market - ready to tap into.

Learn how you can make Social Networking work for you and use these 5 practical and highly-effective strategies to become respected and recognised for the expertise you have to offer or sell.

  1. Get Listed with Relevent Social Networks

    There are many Social Networks out there so choosing one is a matter of finding out about them and deciding if they are representative of your target market. If so, then at the very least, you need to sign up.

  2. Get Your Keyword Phrases in your Profile

    Your Social Network Profile is usually displayed to the public and is often searchable from within the Social Network site. The Social Network sites will also make elements of your Profile searchable by search engines on the WWW.

    Take this opportunity to specify your keyword phrases high up in the Profile together with a link back to your website.

  3. Get Your Contact Details into your Profile

    Most of the time, your Profile is there for everyone to see - You want to be making sure that you use this to your advantage.

    Many Social Network sites prevent your contact details from being displayed in an effort to encourage membership. Don't let that stop you from putting your contact details directly into your Profile. Include a contact number, postal address and email address.

  4. Say Something. Say 100 Things

    A key part of becoming known in any community is to take part in it.

    Write something every day (or every couple of days). It helps if its not "salesy". Offer tips, advice, news or resources that other members of the community are likely to find useful and practical. You want to be seen as an expert on a particular subject.

    Its been said that the more you write, the better you get and that a person becomes respected as an authority on a particular subject after they have said 100 useful things. Its also been suggested that a website needs to grow to 100 pages before search engines really consider the website worthwhile from a ranking perspective. So, start taking part. Let others know what you know.

  5. Make Your Signature Count

    Many Social Networking websites allow you to attach a Signature file whenever you blog or post something up. This is another great place for your keyword phrases. Like you did with your Profile, place a keyword phrase in
    your Signature file and link it back to your website.

    Social Network sites are a great place to find a ready-made community with similar interests to you and those of your business. What's more, because the content is constantly evolving on these sites, they get indexed more regularly and as a result, they provide a great way of boosting your sales.

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