List Building on all Eight Cylinders

If you've been with us from the start, you may recall that there is good reason for incorporating email as part of your marketing mix.

A US Direct Marketing Association report released in 2007 revealed that email marketing is achieving return on investment (ROI) results of up to 4,800%. have demonstrated that by using email marketing in addition to the more traditional direct marketing campaigns, you can potentially expect gains of up to 40% on response rates.

The same study also found that when email marketing is combined with telemarketing, the conversion rates go up to 78%.

But, regardless of how enormous the potential, if you don't have a usable mailing list, you're not going to get anywhere near those numbers.

So, how do you build that a way that gives you at least some chance of approaching the returns necessary to make it worthwhile.

You can always buy or rent email lists, but this isn’t always the best strategy. It’s expensive, and many people starting out don’t have lots of money to spend!

But there’s a worse problem. There’s no guarantee that the company you choose got their addresses legitimately. Opt-in (or permission-based) email lists containing people who ask you to send them information are always a better method for marketing purposes, and you have a guaranteed target audience. And its actually illegal in many countries for you to send email to someone who hasn't asked you to send it to them.

Increasing your opt-in list of targeted email clients is the most important email marketing strategy you can use. Your email list is actually a group of potential "sales leads" and you should make expanding your email list as one of your most important marketing activities, second only to creating your web site.

The following tips will provide you with simple and inexpensive strategies to help you grow that list and start your journey towards the returns that other businesses are experiencing.

The more effort you put into developing your email list, the more potential customers you will have. Conversely, its widely known that the effectiveness of a mailing list is reduced by 25% per year. So,if you fail to collect email addresses, your online business growth will halt. It’s that simple.

By following the above tips and advice, you should see your email list growing, with highly targeted customers who want to hear from you.

List Building on all Eight Cylinders

Part 1: Offer Your Subscribers Something in Return
Part 2: Make it Easy to Sign Up
Part 3: Assure Your Recipients Privacy
Part 4: Don't Use Force & Don't Ask for Too Much Information
Part 5: Give Subscribers a Gift
Part 6: Ask Your Subscribers to Pass it Along
Part 7: How to Provide Choices to Your Subscribers
Part 8: Develop a Relationship with Your Clients

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