How To Provide Choices to Your Subscribers

People have different needs when going online. It can help to sit down and think through what kinds of things visitors to your Website site might want to see, or need, and add these features in.

Offer visitors to your site different options: some may want to subscribe to a newsletter, others may want to read your special articles, while yet others only want to hear about special product updates. Create your subscription box to offer different choices, then only deliver them what they asked for.

This is what's called 'Market Segmentation', and shows that you are meeting the needs of different sectors of your market. This is a good, sound sales practice that will cause your email list to expand.

If you’re just starting out, you can offer simpler choices, such as receiving a "text" versus "HTML" version of your newsletter or emails (most email service providers let you create both). People appreciate being given a choice, and will remember you positively for it.

List Building on all Eight Cylinders continued...

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