Develop a Relationship with your Clients

Who would you rather interact with and trust, someone you have never heard of, or someone you have had a positive experience with before?

Most people will go back to someone with whom they've already had a positive experience.

This same principle is very important online. You need to be emailing all of your current customers promptly in response to their questions, to confirm product orders, and other business communications in a polite, friendly manner. They will be more likely to sign up, subscribe, and ask for product updates if they’ve heard from you before, and if you are professional in all of your communications.

The key word is prompt: within hours whenever possible. Many web hosting servers provide an autoresponder email service that you can use. Please, don’t use the "someone will contact you shortly" generic letter that they default to. Create a more personal email that shows a bit of your personality and warmth; something like - "Hi, I’m unable to get back to you at this moment, but I want you to know that you are important to me. I’ll be contacting you within the next 24 hours, to see how I can help you."

List Building on all Eight Cylinders continued...

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