Book Marketing Websites: Why You Need Yours Now

If you're an author who's hoping to break into publishing or sell more books, creating a book marketing website is likely the best investment you'll ever make.

Websites for Authors are a little like wine; they get better with age and when they are cared for. A wine connoisseur will instruct you to keep your wine in a cool, dark place and rotate the bottle every so often, because well kept wine ages and improves.

Your book marketing website is similar, you need to keep it visible for search engines to index when people seek you out, you must keep all your contact details up to date, ensure that all links, videos and images work and update your website whenever there is new information to share with your readers. And because search engines prefer websites that have been around for a while, it means the sooner you start with your website the better.

Your Book Marketing Website is not for Selling!

Counter to popular opinion, delaying getting a website until after you’ve written and published your book is a mistake.

Your starting point for getting a website isn’t for selling your book – there are plenty of places that will do that for you, such as Amazon, AuthorsBookshop and Jexbo; to name a few.

If you’re an unpublished author your website is for helping you sell your manuscript to a publisher. For authors with a published or self-published book your website is your own strategic marketing asset that you have working for you over the years to come.

Strategic Marketing Asset for Your Profile as an Author

It is unrealistic to expect instant overnight success and sales from your website. There are many, many factors involved in getting people to know about you and your books; and wanting to buy them (and it isn’t just about having a lot of money to buy attention to get the sales). So be prepared for small frequent steps with your website and begin thinking about your book marketing website as a work in progress that will never be “finished”.

Your book marketing website is a strategic marketing asset that you own. It is something that can never be taken from you (unless you surrender it to your publisher) and as it improves with age; the longer you have it the better it will work for you.

What you can expect from your website is a kind of compounding interest – an incremental and measurable rise in your public profile over time; as your website stays around longer and search engines trust it more and more.

Most authors never create an independent marketing platform, so their main professional qualification as an author is down to the books they have in print and on the shelves of bookstores. When those books disappear from the bookshop shelves, the authors become yesterday's news.

Having your own book marketing website prevents this, because you are always findable on the Internet, and there is no expiration date on the information you put into your own website. Websites retain their value as long as the content remains relevant, which for your readers is Always. Whether they’ve already read everything you’ve written and are waiting for your next book or they’ve only just discovered you, your website is what will keep them engaged and following your career.

Connecting with Your Readers

The way to keep readers engaged is to offer something of value to them on your website. To give them a place where they can access the latest, up to date information about you, your past publications, your current releases and what you have on the go right now.

There’s a school of thought that says that the content of your book marketing website always has to be changing. However that’s a strategy that would work for some authors and not others. For example, if you’re a journalist and you want to be demonstrating your grasp on current events then spending a lot of effort in updating your website regularly is going to get you great results. For other types of authors, this could just drive you batty as you write and rewrite on the same topic over and over again.

For most authors your book marketing website is about getting people to connect with you, giving them the experience of your ‘voice’ as a writer and showing them a glimpse behind the scenes (so to speak) - the way you think, create and write is of infinite fascination to those who don’t share your gift.

Having a website, just like writing a book requires a long-term commitment. You put in a little effort everyday and then there comes a time when it all just flows – there are no doubts that you’re doing the right thing.

So begin today; right now and get to work on your book marketing website.

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