Ask Your Subscribers to Pass it Along

"Viral Marketing" is a highly accepted and used method of increasing email lists. Basically, you are asking those who receive your newsletter or email to share it with friends who'd enjoy reading the great information in it.

And, if their friends like it, chances are they will click on the “subscribe” link (you do have one, don’t you, at the bottom of your newsletters, marketing and/or ezines), and you'll have a new address for your list.

The Internet is all about sharing information, and we love to let others know about great places to learn, how to get a good deal or meet like minded people. If you make your email newsletter, ezine or email marketing message a great one, you’ll start seeing people share it with others - and your website URL will be seen by more people so you get more traffic.

List Building on all Eight Cylinders continued...

Part 1: Offer Your Subscribers Something in Return
Part 2: Make it Easy to Sign Up
Part 3: Assure Your Recipients Privacy
Part 4: Don't Use Force & Don't Ask for Too Much Information
Part 5: Give Subscribers a Gift
Part 6: Ask Your Subscribers to Pass it Along
Part 7: How to Provide Choices to Your Subscribers
Part 8: Develop a Relationship with Your Clients

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