9 Places To Put Your Sign-up Form

To get great results from your email marketing campaigns you need a great customer database, and to get a great customer database you need to collect email addresses from people who show an interest in what you do.

So to help you get a great customer database, here are 9 of the best places to put your email sign-up form.

  1. Website homepage

    They’ve found your Website, now it’s time to make sure you get that relationship started by telling them everything you have on offer on the homepage, including signing up for email updates.

  2. Every page of your Website

    Most people don’t backtrack when they’re surfing Websites so give them the form on every page. This also provides a handy reminder that there’s more to your online presence than just your Website.

  3. Purchase confirmation Web pages

    They’ve just experienced an easy, safe and smooth transaction. Get your confirmation, thank-you or download page to do double duty and take advantage of this special moment to ask for their email address.

  4. Landing pages

    You’re buying leads through your search engine advertising campaigns, so make every cent count by getting click-throughs to sign-up for your emails.

  5. Email footer (signature)

    You’re already sending out your name and contact details at the bottom of every business email you send. Include a link to your sign-up form in your email footer to extend your reach (and don’t forget your email marketing messages and transactional messages).

  6. The counter

    Whether it’s a reception desk, checkout, sales counter, café table or common room bench make a space for having a handy sign-up form to fill out while people are waiting.

  7. Tradeshow table

    With a steady flow of potential customers constantly stopping by, all you need to do is make it as easy as possible for them to give you their email address, potentially just by getting their business card and permission.

  8. The back of business stationery

    Multipurpose your stationery by providing a sign-up form on the back of statements, invoices or remittance slips, add a fax number to make it even easier to take action.

  9. Appointment book

    Add an offer to sign-up in to your receptionist’s telephone script. Have them fill in the form for your customers when people are calling you making a reservation, booking, appointment, inquiry or customer service call.

With your sign-up form in all the right places, a little added incentive and an example of the types of email messages you send, you’ll have a great customer database in no time.

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