10 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting Good Results from Sending Your Email Newsletters

10 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting Good Results from Sending Your Email Newsletters

You may not get a lot of feedback from your newsletter right away, and so might be wondering if anyone out there actually reads it and finds it useful.

Or, you're possibly more interested in increasing book sales.

Whatever you have in mind, it may take time for people to learn about you, trust you and part with their hard-earned dollars.

The million dollar question is - How do I know if my email messages are working and not just a waste of time?

Here are 10 indicators you can use to confirm you're doing well.

  1. People are forwarding your messages to others.

  2. People are subscribing.

  3. You are getting more visits to your web site on the day you send out your emails.

  4. You get more emails with questions about your books.

  5. You get phone calls to request interviews or comments by journalists.

  6. You see an increase in click-throughs to your website on the day you send out your emails.

  7. The tracking reports (for your email messages) will show you an increase in the number of people who opened and read your message.

  8. You receive requests from others for permission to reprint parts or all of your email.

  9. You get an increase in event registrations, when the event is mentioned in your email message.

  10. You get increases in the numbers of people who want to connect with you in social media networking sites.

If you're currently unable to get this sort of information from whatever software you're using to send out your email messages, then use the Email Marketing Results Calculator here on Solutions Answers Results to give you an idea of how you're going.

Alternatively, you may want to consider changing to an email marketing service provider that will give you a lot more information about your email newsletters than you're getting right now. Here are our picks for email marketing -

  • iContact
    A great system for people just starting out with email marketing and sending email newsletters for the first time with a semi-professional system. iContact is easy to use and has all the design features and reporting tools you'll need for creating professional looking emails with just a few clicks. Allows you to set up and send email newsletters whenever you like as well as create your own Autoresponder series mailouts.
  • aWeber
    This is a professional email marketing system that has all the tools you need for setting up, sending and monitoring email messages and newsletters. It can be quite complex for a first timer to set-up and understand how to use it in the way they want, as this system has a lot of flexibility and requires you to know just how you want your campaigns to be run and managed ahead of time. aWeber handles regular email blasts and Autoresponder series mailouts together with list management for segmentation.
  • Vertical Response
    Like iContact, Vertical Response is an easy to use email marketing system for the novice to experienced email marketer. Unlike the other two systems mentioned, Vertical Response has fewer fancy features but on the plus side, allows you to export all your campaign data into spreadsheets for in-depth analysis or importing into other reporting tools. Great for analysts and individuals who want to be able to do multi-channel marketing campaign analysis and reporting.

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  1. Wendy Moore says:

    Hi Indra,

    Great article and yes, sometimes it’s easy to feel that you are putting a lot of effort into your newsletter and have no way of telling if people are reading it or enjoying it.

    I love yours and they’re always sharing something useful that I can apply to my business today. Keep it up.